Oct. 16th, 2011

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I just got off a Skype chat with Morgan's new(ish) girlfriend. Morgan, for those who are not intimately involved in my life, is my eldest spawn (thanks to D for the nomenclature). Morgan has been a source of angst in my life, there's no question of that. Some of that has been my own shit; I now greatly regret having spent so much time working and comparatively little time with my boys during their teenage years.

Regardless, Morgan still loves his Momma, so I guess I didn't totally screw up.



Liz is his girlfriend. She was in an interpreter training program in Cedar Rapids until recently, when she moved to TX to attend an ITP there. Kirkwood (Cedar Rapids) is where she and Morgan met.

I tell you, people... this one is a keeper. Morgan had said as much to me in a text last week, and he said he thought I would really like her. He was right. I like her a lot, even from just a 45 minute chat.

I told her the top four reasons I already liked her: 1) she captivated Morgan enough that he TOLD me about her. 2) she's studying to be an interpreter. 3) She took Morgan to task over his lack of knowledge of ASL. 4) She has EXCELLENT grammar.

She also was VERY concerned about how I was doing after the car accident (yeah, I haven't written about that here... but I DID tweet about it, and you can follow me at that place as gretchenmarie5), and said she had told Morgan he should be staying in Iowa to take care of his Momma but he didn't listen so well. I thought that was just utterly CHARMING.

(yes, I really like this girl... can you tell? Morgan had better marry her)

So... a happy update! Yay! This is like the first in, what? A year? More?

It's been a pretty good weekend. Maybe I should write a little more...
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Actual text message exchange I just had with my sister:

Me: "Do you know what I need? Two skulls. Bobcat skulls, or some other similarly sized sjulls. And you are the skull person of the family. So where do I get them?

Tina: Why do you need skulls? And just a sec. I'll send you my favorite supplier. wwww.bridgerfur.com or www.hideandfur.com

Me: Rock on. Thank you. Shall bookmark for later use!

Tina: Okay.

Me: Because I'm going to make something awesome for my door for Christmas, silly. What do you think?!

Tina: Ooookay then.

Me: I love the fact that you didn't bat a virtual eyelash at this request.

Tina: Well, we ARE sisters.

Me: This is true, and also awesome.

Tina: ^___^


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